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A wonderful mental health resource

The Thrivehood podcast is a wonderful resource for breaking mental health stigmas and furthering open conversations among young men and beyond. Tim's passion for his subject matter comes through in all his interviews and it was a privilege to be on the show with him. If you're struggling right now, consider listening to an episode. It could help you see the world from a brand new perspective.

Worth Listening To

This podcast has been fantastic for both my teenagers and me to listen to. Tim delivers a unique insight into every day topics that everyone will face at some point in life. Not only are his messages filled with sharp perception, they are delivered in a humorous, and sometimes quirky, way which easily grabs our attention and keeps the episodes fresh.

Very Informative!

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Thrivehood!! Every topic he has talked about has been extremely informative, and overall, just good life lessons that have improved my life.

Good For Moms

My sons & I listen together. I like the episode about helping single moms out! That was a good idea to show boys how to help out around the house and with life in general. Keep it up!

Good Guy Info

Thanks for offering some insight to guys that might not otherwise be able to find. Listen to is every week!

Cool stuff

Really neat topics and i like that it's about things guys deal with.

Desperately Needed!

What a great podcast! Uncle Tim shares great insight for people of all ages, but young men really need to listen. Relevant content and his humor is infectious! Love it!

Great for young men

Fantastic topics! I really enjoy learning new things from you!


Great info for everyone

Just what I have been looking for!

You posted a question on one of our local fb pages for an upcoming podcast. So I looked up the podcast and it’s just what I’ve been wanting. Something to listen to with my 13 year old son on the way to school. Something not too long but super impactful! So encouraging, challenging, and insightful! We have similar talks with our son but boys this age can hear wisdom easier from other voices! I look forward to many more episodes!

For any father, boy or young man

I’ve known Tim for decades. This podcast content is something he deeply cares about and comes from a very sincere place in his heart. I wholeheartedly recommend this podcast for any man, of any age!