"The Thrivehood podcast is a wonderful resource for breaking mental health stigmas and furthering open conversations among young men and beyond. Tim's passion for his subject matter comes through in all his interviews and it was a privilege to be on the show with him. If you're struggling right now, consider listening to an episode. It could help you see the world from a brand new perspective."

~Jamie Ryder, Stoic Athenaeum


"Given the world we all live in today, messages like those shared on Thrivehood are becoming increasingly important. The mission Tim Williams pursues should not be undervalued." 

~ William Cabaniss, Founder and CEO of Vanilla Feeds Tomorrow


"The THRIVEHOOD podcast is a much-needed relational outlet for a population often overlooked and under-resourced in today's culture-boys and young men. Tim Williams reaches through the radio as a caring mentor to welcome these young men to join an online family where they can know they are not alone. It was a joy to collaborate with Tim to pursue the hearts of his listeners with messages of hope and grace."

~ Dr. Jessica Peck, Author of Behind Closed Doors: A Guide to Help Parents and Teens Navigate Life's Toughest Issues


"It was an honor to be on the Thrivehood podcast. Tim’s heart to help young men grow and mature is obvious and genuine. In a world where few are willing to take up the topic, Tim is doing deeply meaningful work. As the father of a young son, myself, I’m glad Tim and his podcast are around."

~ Chase Replogle, Author of The 5 Masculine Instinct: A Guide to Becoming a Better Man


“Big fan of the Thrivehood Podcast! Every interview is encouraging and intentional in its efforts to impact young men for the betterment of others. Plus the Useless Facts episodes are always fun and insightful!”

~ Cartwright Morris, 


"I’ve known Tim for decades. This podcast content is something he deeply cares about and comes from a very sincere place in his heart. I wholeheartedly recommend this podcast for any man, of any age!"

- Eric Nordhoff, Podcaster/Producer/Influencer


"Parents can use the Thrivehood Podcast to guide their sons toward becoming the men God created them to be. Thrivehood Podcast provides practical advice and inspiring interviews to aid young men in their formative years. Tim Williams, your host, will help you mature into a man through sound advice and quirky humor."

~ James Mclamb, Co-founder of Generation Ziglar


"Personally, listening to other entrepreneurs and changemakers has been a huge motivator in my life. Thrivehood podcast, hosted by Tim Williams, is a weekly show bringing you case-study interviews and conversations with young men. You'll love Tim's offbeat humor. Last but not least, don't forget to check out the semi-weekly content flashes to spend your spare time."

~ Vasilis Skarleas, CTO/Executive Producer of ChangermakerZ